10 Things I Like About YA…PART TWO!

Welcome to part two of my “10 Things I Like About YA” series which has taken part from Saturday to Monday, presenting my favourite things about Young Adult novels and how I feel about them and the affect they have on all of us. So, with six more reasons why I love YA, here we go…
5. There are some real gems out there
Have you ever been to a bookstore and picked up a book on a whim and absolutely loved it and had no idea it even existed, but now you can’t think of a time when you didn’t love it? They’re called the real gems of our bookcases; the stories we get lost in, entwining with the plot and characters until we feel a part of that world. And I love finding books like that.

6. All the genres in between

This is kind of the same with the same with Adult books, but with YA, we get all these genres that seem to spring from nowhere. There’s Contemporary, Romance, Fantasy, Sci-fi, Dystopian, Horror, Psychogical Thriller, Mystery, Contemporary Romance…I could go on forever. It’s nice to have that huge selection of our own choices. 


7. It inspires us
As an aspiring Author myself, when a book I’m reading inspires me, it doesn’t mean copying or replicating another story, it just means that whatever motivated that Author to make that storyworld perfect, the characters flawless, that it rubs off a little on the readers.
8. It connects us
Fandoms! We’ve all heard of them. Hunger Games, Twilight, Harry Potter, etc; they’re all examples of big fandoms out there that have all streamed from a book series into film. But by reading these books and then talking with each other and spreading the word, talking more, blogging about them, etc, we are connecting. These series’ connect us by bringing the fans together, and that’s one of my favourite qualities of a YA series or book.


9. The characters grow with us

  I was really young when the first Harry Potter movie came out–but I remember watching the first movie when it came on tape *that old?!* and then going to see it at the cinema for the rest of the movies, and the movie franchise / book series, expanded and grew as I grew up too. 
10. Series after series
There aren’t very many Adult series’ that I collect, only my favourite I heart series by Lindsay Kelk, but with YA, there are these stories that stretch out over three or four books, on average, and they give us that little extra time to love those characters and delve deeper into the world. Think Rachel Caine or Suzanne Collins or Veronica Roth, who have all had novels stretching out over popular series…(and we love them all, right?! I know I do..).

 What are your favourite things about YA? 

Do you agree with my six picks from today, and my four picks from Saturday?
If you want to take part in this “10 things I like about YA” post, just link back in the comments so I can visit your blogs, too! 
 happy reading!
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  1. Yay for YA books!! I love how inspiring they can be…and just they way they suck you into another world. The awesomeness of YA is huge. 🙂

    And hey! *waves shyly* I'm a new follower and I've loooved looking around your blog. I'm an aspiring author too and books are. the. best. ^.^


  2. *Hiii* I love meeting new people that love YA and are inspiring authors like me! Thank you so much for the kind words about my blog :') Your blog is awesome, too! And I'm following you too 🙂

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