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Hi <3
So, I was tagged by Sinead [http://themakeupchair.blogspot.co.uk/] who is literally the BEST at make-up…I watch her videos all the time! So here are my answers to the questions…

1. If you got the chance to work with a make-up
company, What would you call your collection?
I would call my collection either Fantasy Fun; and make loads of bright, shimmery shades, or Everyday Enchanted, and make a line of beautiful and elegent make-up.
2. If you had to pick one foundation to use for
the rest of your life what would you pick?
Oh my god, this is such a hard question! But I’d have to pick Maybelline Dream Cream Foundation, (I think that’s the name) because it’s really good coverage.
3. Earring or Necklace?
I wish I had my ears pierced! So, Necklace. 🙂
4. Which do you prefer – Neutral Eyes Bold Lip
or Bold Eyes Neutral lip?
Bold eyes, neutral lip! It’s my usual thing 🙂
5. Go to lip product?
The lip-stain from Revlon in the dark pink shade they do.
6. Youtube or Blogs?
I love YouTube for SOOO many reasons, but Blogging is a new obsession….
7. Do you have a strange phobia?
Needles, but I think that’s pretty common :'(
8. Favourite Charity? and Why?
Any charity to do with helping stray animals because I adopted two stray cats, and love them to bits! Anything like the RSPCA who do good work for animals.
9. Favourite Song to get ready to?
Anything Rihanna or Taylor Swift 🙂
10. Tv or Youtube?
TV 🙂 I couldn’t live without watching The Vampire Diaries and Pretty Little Liars.
11. What inspired you to make your
Everyday things like fashion, little memoirs, make-up….

I’ve only just started my blog, but in a couple weeks once everything’s up and running, I’ll attach this post and tag my 11 blogs 🙂

xo Becca Jayne

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