Adult Fiction Review: “Indiscretion” by Charles Dubow {with thanks to lovereading & blue door!}

with thanks to and blue door (the Publisher) for the ARC of the amazing novel!

A beautiful, epic novel about the consequences of infidelity, betrayal and passionate love…

I could not put this book down! I am usually into more YA books with a supernatural twist, but Indiscretion just took my breath away with how timeless and exquisite it truly was. I was totally and utterly enthralled by it. Onwards!

A little bit about “Indiscretion”…

We’ve all been around a couple who can engulf the attention of an entire room merely by occupying it. Harry and Madeleine Winslow are that set; the natural ease between them is palpable and their chemistry is almost tangible. He is a recent National Book Award winner with a promising career ahead of him, and she is blessed with family money, but radiates beauty, elegance, and humility. Whether they are abroad in Italy after he receives the Rome Prize, in their ambrosial East Hampton home, or in gritty Manhattan, they are always surrounded by close friends and those who wish to penetrate their inner circle. During a summer spent at the beach, they meet 26 year-old Claire and, as the summer blazes on, she is slowly inducted into their world. Claire can’t help but fall in love with Harry and Maddy and at the end of the summer, it is no longer enough to just be one of their hangers-on. Told through the omniscient eyes of Maddy’s childhood friend Walter, Indiscretion is a juicy, page turning novel with writing that is sophisticated and lyrical. Deeply textured, full of light and darkness, and overwhelmingly sensual, this book will be the sexiest, most intimate story you read all year.


My Review…

Indiscretion was a winner right from the very first page. It seemed effortless and a story well told across the journey of the characters. I was struck by how timeless and beautiful the story was. Charles Dubow wrote about infidelity and love through the unique and perfect fitted voice; Walter. I found myself comparing it to books like; The Great Gatsby, though Indiscretion had a twist so original that it stood it’s own proudly. The scenic view of the Hampton’s gave a vibe of the show Revenge, and I could then picture how idyllic the summer was in the novel. Overall, Indiscretion was alluring and passionate, heartbreaking and obsessive and I adored it. This is easily going to be a modern Classic and loved by many more to come.
Five stars to this beauty of a novel! (or Cats, ha-ha.)

You can find out more about Indiscretion here. Please comment and tell me if you’ve read it or if you’re interested in reading it, too!

Many, many thanks to for yet another amazing ARC and to blue door, also!
happy reading,
xo Becca

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