Book Review: Anatomy of a Meet Cute by Addie Woolridge


Anatomy Of A Meet Cute by Addie Woolridge

Published: March 3rd 2023 by Montlake
Rating: ★★★★ (4)
Genre: Adult // Contemporary Romance
Quick Thoughts: As delightful as promised—totally interesting, creative and authentic (and cute!) enemies-to-lovers romance.

About The Book:

Sparks fly when an ob-gyn butts heads with a doctor at her new hospital in this delightfully charming romance about bad timing, good friends, and fresh starts.

The last thing I ever expected was to insult a colleague before I even started a new job.

But here I am, already on thin ice after I mistook a fellow doctor for a patient on a bad drug trip. Oops.

No matter how handsome or infuriatingly aloof he is, Grant Gao isn’t going to spoil my fresh start. Instead, I’m going to keep myself (maybe too) busy with my roommates, work, and passion: starting a new program to improve pregnancy care in the community.

But getting the hospital bigwigs on board with my idea is proving to be more difficult than I anticipated, and I may be forced to swallow my pride and ask Grant for help.

But will working with Grant bring us closer, or will I be crushed under my ever-growing list of responsibilities?

First Thoughts

We’ve already established by now that romances are my thing. When I was offered the chance to read Addie’s book I was really excited for multiple reasons: one, I hadn’t read anything by her before, and two, it had a medical-romance trope, and I haven’t read one of those in ages.

My Review

The last thing main character Sam anticipates is getting an emergency call-out on her plane ride, calling for a doctor. She’s not sure an ob-gyn is going to be of use to the emergency, since she’s used to her own speciality of medicine, but what comes as more of a challenge is the meet-cute himself: Grant Gao. The two doctors get off to a very rocky start (with some rather unfortunate insults exchanged) but matters get more strained when Sam finds out that fellow doctor Grant is working with her at her new hospital. 

Forced to get on with things under awkward circumstances—still unsure if she’s infuriated or infatuated by Grant—Sam tries to busy herself with her roommates, friends and starting an innovative new program in the community to improve pregnancy care for everyone. But not everyone is on board with Sam’s new changes, and she’s forced to look around for answers and help—which might just include her love-to-hate colleague Grant.

Overall, Anatomy Of A Meet Cute was as delightful as promised. I loved (most) of Sam’s personality—bar a few choices she made—and the knowledge that Addie filled this book with was not only totally interesting and creative, but added so much authenticity to the plot. I adored the friendships, the wit and humour, and so many other little parts that made up the anatomy of the story. It was also extremely inclusive, which I love to see! If you love your romances enemies-to-lovers, this is for you. A very cute four-star read!

About The Author

Born and raised outside Seattle, Washington, Addie Woolridge is a classically trained opera singer with a degree in music from the University of Southern California, and she holds a master’s degree in public administration from Indiana University. Woolridge’s well-developed characters are a result of her love for diverse people, cultures, and experiences.

Woolridge currently lives in Northern California. When she isn’t writing or singing, Woolridge can be found baking; training for her sixth race in the Seven Continents Marathon Challenge; or taking advantage of the region’s signature beverage, wine.

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