Autumn/Winter 2022 Books You Need To Read (I Know I Will Be!)

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The Cosy Seasons Are Upon Us!

It’s only been September for twelve days, but summer now feels like a long, distant memory (at least to me.) I’m not complaining, either. Autumn/Winter time is the best time, primarily Autumn—my favourite season of all! There’s something about pumpkins, candles, fairy lights and baking that makes me feel like I’m living in my own Nancy Meyers movie. And what do I need to add into that scenario, you ask?! A good book! So, read on for (some of) what will be tucking into this A/W season!

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How to Survive Your Murder

by Danielle Valentine

This sounds like THE best book for getting into the Halloween spirit, especially when you mention Sidney Prescott, ala Scream, in the synopsis! I can’t wait to dive into this read—I’m hoping for great things with this one!

I’ve been really getting into Thrillers, and because I’m quite a seasonal reader, I love them at this time of year. This sounds absolutely in the vein of Lucy Foley books (and I loved The Guest List) so I can’t wait to read this one.

One of the first Christmas books on this list and certainly not the last is this Hanukkah YA read that gives enemies-to-lovers vibes with a dash of holiday magic. A must read for me!
As a lover of Jenna’s Love series, I knew I’d want to read this from the moment she announced it. And with a Contemporary Witchy vibe, it’s perfect for around Autumn! Plus, that cover is very Instagram-able.
Julie, for me, is an automatic-buy author. So when I heard she was coming out with this, I was SOLD. I love that she writes Plus Size main characters like myself, and her words, the vibe, is always perfect. I’m so excited for this one!
Another thriller? Shocker?! I’ve been hearing nothing but great things about this book, and although I’m a little behind on the hype, I definitely want to read it this year.
An LGBT, enemies-to-lovers Christmas read?! I was SO hyped when I saw this on Goodreads the other day because I hadn’t heard anything about it—and that had to change! I immediately added it to my TBR and you best believe it’ll be read ASAP.
Last year, I read some really sweet YA Christmas books and this one reminds me so much of some of them; a light, full-of-heart read. I can’t wait for the holidays to roll around to read this one.
First off, the cover for this one is gorgeous. Second, it’s enemies-to-lovers, which has become quite a trend with this list, hasn’t it? I’m counting the days to read this one!
I totally read the title with The Grinch voice. Jokes aside, this one sounds incredible. It’s another I will be reading ASAP. Where are you, October?!
When I saw this on Goodreads . . . my heart did the biggest happy dance. It looked so wholesome and sugar-sweet. From the authors of Blackout, another book on my TBR, comes this Christmas novel with all the feel good stuff beautiful books are made of.
Finally, we have the great Riley Sager—I’ve never read one of their books, but I always hear so many amazing things, so I thought it was time to see what the fuss is all about and dive into this one! It’s giving Netflix Psychological Thriller vibes and I am always here for that.

Don’t forget to click on the titles above and add these amazing books to your TBR!

What’s on your A/W TBR list? 

Let me know in the comments or on twitter, @LittleMemoirs!

**On a more serious note, with everything happening in the world, the energy/cost of living crisis, I want to say that PLM is always a safe space for you to come and talk or vent. You can send me a DM or contact me any other way if you ever need a little chat. Sending everyone reading this the biggest hug.**

happy reading!

Becca x

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