Blogmas Annoucement! 🎄

Happy almost December, book lovers! 

As a fan of the festive season, I knew I wanted to do a little something for Pretty Little Memoirs this year that’s different to usual. Thanks to an idea from one of my good friends, Jenn, I decided to take part in the hugely popular Blogmas! But, with a little twist. 

Instead of doing twenty five days, I’m going to do fifteen. The idea of trying to write twenty five posts in one month scares me! I decided that fifteen is a more manageable amount and I can cram extra special goodies into those days. Also, I have some reviews to post and don’t want to take the shine away from them that day. Since it’s a little short notice that I decided to do Blogmas, I haven’t stumbled across a book or theme for my giveaway I’ll do just yet, but stay tuned for that! Instead, read on to find out what’s happening what days!

  • 1st: Bookish Gifts to buy this year for that book lover in your life
  • 3rd: My favourite Christmas songs
  • 5th: Christmas story time
  • 7th: Download a Christmas wallpaper made by me
  • 9th: Gifts to buy the bloggers in your life
  • 11th: My Christmas plans
  • 13th: My best Christmas and other facts
  • 14th: GIVEAWAY DAY
  • 15th: Favourite Christmas past times
  • 17th: DIY Christmas candles
  • 18th: Surviving Christmas
  • 20th: Last minute gifts
  • 22nd: Checklist print off
  • 23rd: What I love about Winter 
  • 25th: Merry Christmas and Giveaway winner announced

I hope that you can join me for a month full of fun!

happy reading!

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