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  1. I enjoyed it, though it isn't my favourite thriller around, thought it was a little predictable (though, I do read a lot of them, so that's probably why) but overall enjoyed it. Loved that there was actual threat behind the threats too, if that makes sense. I've read so many that's supposed to be intense and dangerous that don't make good on that. So yay, The 100 Society!

  2. I really enjoyed it, too. I read a lot of mysteries, not so much scary thrillers, but thrilling ones if that makes sense. I loved the element of the Reaper being a little unpredictable in who they were, because I changed my mind so many times about who it could be, but I liked Grace. I thought she was a good character. And I loved the ending, too. And, YAY for 100 Society! <3

  3. I absolutely loved this book, it reminded me very much of the Point Horror books I was obsessed with (still am) in the 90's, thrillers are probably my fave genre.

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