Book Review: All Signs Point to Yes by Various Authors (anthology)


All Signs Point to Yes by Various Authors (anthology)

Published: May 31st 2022 by Inkyard Press
Rating: ★★★★ (4)
Genre: Young Adult // Romance, Fantasy, LGBT
Quick Thoughts: A whirlwind of celestial stories dedicated to the powerful love of astromancy, written by a star-studded cast of bright, herculean voices.

About The Book:

A literal star-studded anthology that delivers a love story for every star sign straight from the hearts of thirteen multicultural YA authors.

A haunted Aquarius finds love behind the veil. An ambitious Aries will do anything to stay in the spotlight. A foodie Taurus discovers the best eats in town (with a side of romance). A witchy Cancer stumbles into a curious meet-cute.

Whether it’s romantic, platonic, familial, or something else you can’t quite define, love is the thing that connects us. All Signs Point to Yes will take you on a journey from your own backyard to the world beyond the living as it settles us among the stars for thirteen stories of love and life.

These stories will touch your heart, speak to your soul, and have you reaching for your horoscope forevermore.


g. haron davis (Aries)
Adrianne White (Aquarius)
Cam Montgomery (Ophiuchus)
Tehlor Kay Mejia (Gemini)
Mark Oshiro (Libra)
Eric Smith (Scorpio)
Emery Lee (Pisces)
Byron Graves (Virgo)
Karuna Riazi (Cancer)
Roselle Lim (Taurus)
Alexandra Villasante (Capricorn)
Lily Anderson (Sagittarius)
Kiana Nguyen (Leo)

First Thoughts

I love Astrology-themed things as much as many Millennials/Gen Z do. When I first heard about this anthology, I was immediately intrigued as the last anthology I read, Together, Apart, was in more of a contemporary-world setting around the pandemic, so I was excited to see what spin Astrology could have on these little stories. As always, a huge thanks to the team at Harper360YA for treating me to this beautiful book—ILY ♥

My Review

Throughout All Signs Point To Yes, we jump between magic, realism, romance, contemporary and slivers of genres in-between—that was one of my favourite things about it. You never get tired of the setting because, before you know it, you’re whisked into another. Like the strange enchantment-filled sorcery in Aries (my sign) before being pulled into the contemporary setting of reunited childhood best friends in Taurus. 

As I continued reading—of blitzing, should I say—through the stories, through the signs, I became more in love with some stories than others, which is a given, page-tabbing my favourite moments from witchy stories, sisterhood, romances, enemies, family bonds and all the space between. I felt a true connection to stories that shared traits from my signs—Aries sun, Aries moon, Cancer rising—even finding solace in some of the placements of where my planets align, which was strangely weird but amazing at the same time? All I know is that it was a whole mood, feeling as if a part of me was connecting with the stories in multiple, fascinating ways.

Overall, All Signs Point To Yes was everything I wanted it to be and more. Like I said, I connected to some stories way more than others, but that’s completely natural, because not every story is for me. My personal favourites were probably Taurus and Cancer, but I do have a soft spot for Aries, too. I also loved that it had many diverse voices/characters/stories throughout, which I absolutely love to see, especially in YA. This was such a whirlwind of celestial stories dedicated to the powerful love of astromancy, written by a star-studded cast of bright, herculean voices. Four, shiny stars!

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