Book Review: The Best Kind Of Magic by Crystal Cestari

Title: The Best Kind of Magic

Author: Crystal Cestari

Published: May 16th, 2017

Publisher: Disney-Hyperion

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Disclosure: I bought this book myself! As always, my reviews are fair and unbiased.

Amber Sand is not a witch. The Sand family Wicca gene somehow leapfrogged over her. But she did get one highly specific magical talent: she can see true love. As a matchmaker, Amber’s pretty far down the sorcery food chain (even birthday party magicians rank higher), but after five seconds of eye contact, she can envision anyone’s soul mate.

Amber works at her mother’s magic shop–Windy City Magic–in downtown Chicago, and she’s confident she’s seen every kind of happy ending there is: except for one–her own. (The Fates are tricky jerks that way.) So when Charlie Blitzman, the mayor’s son and most-desired boy in school, comes to her for help finding his father’s missing girlfriend, she’s distressed to find herself falling for him. Because while she can’t see her own match, she can see his–and it’s not Amber. How can she, an honest peddler of true love, pursue a boy she knows full well isn’t her match?

The Best Kind of Magic is set in urban Chicago and will appeal to readers who long for magic in the real world. With a sharp-witted and sassy heroine, a quirky cast of mystical beings, and a heady dose of adventure, this novel will have you laughing out loud and questioning your belief in happy endings.

First Thoughts 

When I saw this on Wordery, I was really enticed. The cover, for one, is freaking beautiful and then to match it – that blurb! I couldn’t believe I’d finally stumbled upon a Realistic Fantasy Novel that sounded totally plausible and unique. I posted my reading progress on social media and SO MANY of my followers were really excited to see my views on this. 


Amber Sand isn’t a witch. She’s not mad over it, but it’s a little disheartening. The Sand family gene seems to have skipped her (almost) and left her a somewhat matchmaker. With this power, she can see your perfect match and your future together. But there’s not a lot of perks of the job, telling people that their significant other isn’t the one for them doesn’t sit well with a lot of the public. Although, much to her dismay, she can’t see her own perfect match (but she gets closer and closer to seeing her best friend’s love story every time they meet up, despite Amani – a fellow supernatural – not wanting to find out). But that doesn’t stop her from being a crucial part of the Sand family Wicca shop, enchantingly named Windy City Magic. 

When Amber’s Mom starts acting odd, hanging out with a frequent visitor into the shop, the Mayor, she desperately wants to find out what’s happening. But because Amber isn’t a witch, she’s magically sealed off from listening in and whenever she tries to dig for details, she gets nothing but stale information. But when the Mayor’s son, Charlie (the most desired boy at school) comes into the store wanting to find his Father’s missing girlfriend, Amber ties the two situations together. The more that they start hanging out together, trying to solve the mystery of their Parents secretiveness and the actual mystery at hand, Amber can’t hide her feelings any longer. She’s falling for Charlie, hard. But she’s seen his perfect match, and it’s not her, so she feels like the magnetic pull isn’t enough to dispute the Fates plan for his own match. As they work together in a bustling, lively Chicago, it’s more than clear that they’re in for startling revelations and intriguing supernatural enigmas.

I just can’t stop thinking about this book (and the next in the series!) and it definitely shows. I finished it a little while ago, but it’s taken me so long to try and sum my words up into a considerable amount and not reel on for pages. Crystal has written a world of wonder with down-to-earth characters, sass (lots of it) and a killer vein of romance with an eager pulse on magical elements. As much as I loved Amber and Charlie, Amani was definitely my favourite character. I really loved her personality SO much. Overall, this is probably the best Fantasy book I’ve read this year, or maybe even longer than that. Huge five-star read! 

Rating & Recs

For fans of Magic Realism and Fantasy! For younger to older YA readers.

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