Book Review: “Cold Fusion 2000” by Karl Drinkwater


Title: Cold Fusion 2000

Author: Karl Drinkwater
Genre: Adult – Contemporary Romance
Release Date:  December 2012
Published by: Lulu

With thanks to Karl Drinkwater for the copy of the novel! My review is as always, non-bias and fair.


 Alex Kavanagh is the best!

is, he’s the best at being a pedantic physics-obsessed geek. He’s a
teacher who hates teaching; a lover who’s just been dumped (again); a
writer whose articles all get rejected; an adult who still lives at home
and gets bullied at the bus stop by teenagers; and he’s just had the
worst day of his life. So far, so bad. Things can only get better,

While drowning his sorrows he sees an ex from six years
ago, Lucy Spiers. The point when Lucy dumped him for his best friend was
the point when his life started to go nuclear. He can’t help himself:
he tells her exactly what he thinks of her.

So it comes as a
surprise when they go on a date. He didn’t expect a spark to be
reignited. Couldn’t foresee the power of magnetism. He hadn’t realised
that he still loved her.

Holy protons, he hopes she’s changed.

– oh boy! – she’s changed all right. For a start, she’s actually Lucy’s
twin sister, Jane – someone prone to misguided acts of kindness,
strange visions, and keeping secrets. Someone who knows she’ll leave
Alex’s life forever in three days. As lies pile up Jane wonders if she
can avoid breaking Alex’s heart like her sister did.

Cold Fusion
is a story wrapped around an enigma. It’s a novel about making peace
with the past and moving on, set in Manchester in the year 2000. It’s
time for change.

 First up, I received this so long ago and with my backlog of reviews, Cold Fusion 2000 got lost in the ever-stacking towers of books on my desk, so I’m sorry for that! But back to my thoughts, I knew from just the premise that Cold Fusion 2000 was going to be a unique novel and also being set in the UK, it was already gaining a great reputation in my books.

Set in Manchester during the Millennium
era (2000, hence the title), main character; Alex, still lives at home
with his Mum and sister; Kelly and has been in an impasse since his girlfriend
from university dumped him. 

Now thirty years old and his life being
in this rut, a sudden encounter finally unlocks him from this dilemma in his
life to get him back into his better ways. He’s fed up of getting bullied by
the teenagers at the bus stop and fed up of getting dumped, so he was surprised
when he was in a distressed way that he sees his ex Lucy (who dumped him for
his best friend)
and can’t resist the temptation to tell her just what
he thinks of her.
So…how did they end up going to a date?
And how come she isn’t Lucy, and
is in fact her twin sister; Jane?
A spark like a firework between them
shocks him both. Alex didn’t realise that he would fall back in love so quickly
with someone who he thought had broken his heart. Jane isn’t anything like
Lucy, and is kind though secretive. She doesn’t want to hurt Alex like her
sister did, but she knows that she’ll be leaving Alex’s life in just three
days. She doesn’t want to lie, but she doesn’t want to repeat the past and
repeat Lucy’s faults. 
 Intricate layers of family, life
and love twist in to Cold Fusion 2000. With it’s bittersweet ending and
complicated characters, Karl writes with truth and hope in this coming-of-age
novel. The characters are so ordinary, yet so distinctive and have all had a
taste of an epiphany in their time. The past plays a huge part of the novel,
but what it truly comes down to in the end is the outlook for the future and
the peace that the characters have to make with their own pasts.
I was pleasantly surprised throughout the
story with every new unveiling, and can say that this is a one-of-a-kind novel
that can be interpreted in many different ways and that the reader plays a huge
part in what they can take from the enigma-filled novel.
A hugely inspiring novel that I adored
from start to finish.

Have you read Cold Fusion 2000?
What did you think? 
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happy reading!
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