Book Review: The Girl on the Stairs by Louise Welsh

creepy suspicion, thriller perfection, Louise Welsh writes us to the edge of our seats…

I was so thankful to get this book from The Eleven (@TheEleven (Twitter)) and amazed from the first couple pages. I was intrigued by the setting of the novel, and how it progressed in a pace that set the eerie mood of the storyline. I was expecting horror-horror and not the psychological thriller that I received–which to my amazement, was probably the best mystery book I’ve seen this year.
The Girl on the Stairs wasn’t hard to read, and the plot was easy to keep up with which is a quality I look for in novels I like. I found that the main characters; Jane and Petra, did not lack any unbelievable characteristics, therefore they were almost brought to life by reading about their story. What I liked toward the middle of the novel was how easy Welsh transferred from the thriller aspect to slight humour and back and forth in the genres. However, throughout the novel, the plot didn’t waver off the line of mystery. There were still elements lurking whenever I read a page.
The ending of The Girl on the Stairs was fast paced and equally brilliant. I found myself not lifting my eyes from the book for those last pages that hooked my attention. Nevertheless, the ending did not disappoint at all, and the twist was well thought out. My only negative point was the book was far too short and I found myself wanting to read a little more into the plot.
Anyone who is a fan of mystery, horror and thrills…they are missing out if they don’t own The Girl on the Stairs. Outstanding work from Louise Welsh.

as always I recommend this book highly.

happy reading,

xo Becca Jayne

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