Book Review: I’m Dreaming of a Wyatt Christmas by Tiffany Schmidt


I'm Dreaming of a Wyatt Christmas by Tiffany Schmidt

Published: October 26th 2020 by Harry N. Abrams
Rating: ★★★★ (4)
Genre: Young Adult // Romance, Contemporary
Quick Thoughts: Hallmark-worthy swoons and delightful holiday romance galore.

About The Book: Ballet and babysitting bring two teens together in this very merry holiday rom-com from the author of the acclaimed Bookish Boyfriends series

Noelle Partridge is known for three things: being the best ballet dancer, babysitter, and person with the most Christmas spirit in her small town. But lately she’s bored by the lessons at her dance school, and her friends and father are more bah humbug than Hallmark movie marathon. So when her favorite babysitting clients ask her to accompany them on a ski trip over winter break, she packs her bags for the slopes. It helps that they’re offering double her rate—she’ll need the money for Beacon, an elite ballet academy that’s granted her an audition. 

Noelle is ready to “Deck the Halls” and have fa la la la fun, until Wyatt, the older half-brother of her babysitting charges, decides to surprise his family for the holiday. He’s one of the best dancers at Beacon, and makes Noelle’s head spin faster than pirouettes. Unfortunately, she also manages to step on his toes—spoiling his surprise and complicating his secret plans. After a few missteps, Noelle and Wyatt begin to thaw toward each other and bond over the big decisions looming in each of their lives. With enough Christmas magic, Noelle might just start the New Year with lots of babysitting cash in her pocket and a chance with the pas de deux partner of her dreams.

First Thoughts

The first thing I noticed about this book was that the cover is the exact same colour as my car. But above all, it looked and sounded like the perfect mid-December read to dive into.

My Review

I went in to I’m Dreaming of A Wyatt Christmas thinking it was going to be a YA book with an older main character, but as Noelle is fourteen, it was definitely an adjustment to what I normally look for in a YA book. Although I was pleasantly surprised when I found myself totally captivated by her strong voice and completely enchanting story. 

Noelle and her friends normally do various holiday themed activities as it’s their favourite holiday. Ever since Noelle lost her mother at the start of Christmas when she was a little younger, it’s been a tough time of year despite her love for it. To make matters worse, her dad is becoming distant, and ballet-obsessed Noelle feels like she doesn’t have a place in his life, or in town, because of it. As she’s a beloved babysitter in town, Noelle is particularly adored by the Kahale family, who – in need for a babysitter over the season at their cabin at Christmas – invite Noelle to come with them. Initially apprehensive, she reluctantly agrees when her dad doesn’t seem bothered by her leaving, and sets her sights on a different way of celebrating the festive period. But she gets the shock of her life when the older Kahale brother Wyatt intrudes on the holiday from his dance school that Noelle wants to audition for. Thrown together in close proximity, sparks soon fly, but the holiday doesn’t go without hitches, and as her life begins to change, she isn’t sure how to put her feelings in check. 

Overall, this book was a total breath of fresh air. Even though I’m not used to reading a slightly younger main character, I still loved getting to know Noelle and her love of dance, Christmas, her friends, family and babysitting families that became an extension of her own. I’d highly recommend I’m Dreaming Of A Wyatt Christmas to older middle grade and younger YA readers that love clean romance, Hallmark-worthy swoons and delightful holiday romances galore. Four stars!

About The Author

Tiffany Schmidt is the author of Send Me a Sign, Bright Before Sunrise, and Hold Me Like a Breath (Once Upon a Crime Family book 1). She’s found her happily ever after in Pennsylvania with her saintly husband, impish twin boys, and a pair of mischievous puggles. You can find out more about her and her books at:, or by following her on Twitter @TiffanySchmidt.

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