Book Review: “Letter From Paris” by Thérèse

Title: Letter from Paris

Author: Thérèse

Published: June 10th, 2014

Publisher: The Story Plant

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I recieved this for review. As always, my reviews are fair and unbias!

India Butler’s journey to America put her life on a new track. Now a trip to Paris threatens to derail her – or to make things all they are supposed to be. With a new job, a new friend, a potential new lover…and an old lover, India is dealing with nearly as much as she can handle. But that’s only the beginning.

The infectious sequel to India’s Summer, Letter From Paris is witty, glamorous, incisive, and refreshingly real.

 Having not read India’s Summer, the previous book about India Butler, I lost a little of that “before” chapter of her life, but after brushing up on India’s Summer, I felt like I gained a little insight on India’s life before reading Letter from Paris.

From Los Angeles to Paris, Thérèse takes India to a new scene with new sights, adventures and travel. Having a fresh look on India having not known her character in India’s Summer, I grew to see her character within the first few chapters as highly like-able (I can see why Thérèse’s novels are so popular with celebrities alike) and balanced person in life. I loved that as I was reading, I was aware that I didn’t have to read the first novel in the series to understand India and grew to know her characters quirks and ways; her humour and poise especially. 
As Letter From Paris delves into the story, we learn some secrets from India’s Summer and get straight into India’s growth as a person. Suddenly, we’re whisked away to Paris on streets I’ve never heard of but want to go to and descriptions of adventures I could only dream of. Not only does India’s life burst full of love and light, but romance and drama as the story progresses into personal and business relationships of conflict and mystery – above all, India trying to stay true to who she is and what she truly wants out of life. 
In a word, I would call Letter From Paris a book about change – change in surroundings, thoughts, life and relationships – and I truly admired Thérèse for how beautifully effortless she wrote India’s journey. The things that are thrown into the works of her life and as a reader, I wished they could ricochet off her and she could trudge through them over the course of the novel as I started to care for her character and realise how real she seemed, as if she could exist right ahead of me. There’s more to India’s life and to this novel than a stint in Paris, it’s much, much more. Even though the French way of things might seem parfait, India knows it’s always better to be herself.
A real page-turning, glamorous, wonderful adventure, Letter From Paris was an amazing read that swept me away for the week. Even though I sway to the more YA side of things and prefer reading about characters around my age, I loved getting a little vacation from it and spending time reading India’s incredible story – and I can’t wait to read India’s Summer to get the full experience!
 Lovers of adventures, Contemporary fiction and Parisian fans!

happy reading!

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