Foundation Review: Almay Line Smoothing Foundation

Light, with a hint of hydration and fair pigment, this super-cheap Foundation has just become a favourite. . .

I had been looking for Almay Pore Refining Cream for what seemed like forever, and on my look-out, found this foundation in my nearest Factory Store for under £5.
It’s not a “heavy coverage” foundation, but depending on blending and adding, this foundation is good for light to medium coverage–great for the summer as it feels like your own skin, and not cakey; even with powder to set ( I use Collection 2000 Pressed Powder in Tender Touch or Ivory )
The Factory Shop are amazing at dealing out low-cost prices for Cosmetics, and I was so excited to also pick up some Rimmel Anti-Fatigue Concealer for £2 as well; which in makeup terms was a bargain (I’ll be reviewing it very soon!)
As you can see below–the first picture is a basic one-application of the Almay Foundation, and the second is of a build able swatch with powder. (Notice how it covers lines?!)

Almay Foundation (un-blended)
The foundation with blended powder.

I’m very excited to have found this Almay product, and will definitely be re-visiting to pick up some more!
Read below for my product value score:
Star Rating out of 5: ****
Value for money: ***
Does what it says on the bottle?: ****
Good range of shades available?: **** (I had buff, which is fairly light, but there were tons of colours ranging from fair to dark)
Overall; was it a good buy? (cost, findings): Yes; it was £4, and my nearest Factory Shop wasn’t an excessive distance. They have a website too! (link is above)

xo Becca Jayne

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