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So it’s almost Valentine’s Day! How fast has the time gone? It seems like the days are just flying by too fast these days. Although I did read a ton of books in January, so at least that’s something. But like certain holidays, they can creep up on us so quickly. Birthdays, especially! But for this topic, it’s Valentine’s Day that’s appeared in the blink of an eye. . . If you’re taken – or just love Valentine’s Day – you’ll be off doing the romantic-things this February, but if you’re like me. . .you’ll be spoiling yourself and thanks to my Galentine’s Gift Guide, spoiling your friends! I’ve included a bunch of gender-neutral gifts (just because it’s called Galentine’s doesn’t exclude anyone) so you can take your pick! Do let me know if this helps any of you or gives you ideas for spending your day with friends and having fun! Onwards. . .


It’s no wonder I put some books on my Galentine’s Gift Guide. There are so many friendship-forward novels out there that would be perfect as a gift. I’ve listed a few that you could easily get for your Bestie!

  • Since You’ve Been Gone by Morgan Matson is the ideal book to give to your BFF. A story about love, friendship and written by one of the best YA authors out there is sure to be a winner. 
  • Will Grayson, Will Grayson by John Green and David Levithan is a staple YA book to this day. I see it everywhere! It’s no wonder. These two authors make magic together in this incredible novel. 
  • Eleanor & Park by Rainbow Rowell is the book I’ve always heard about. It has majorly great reviews and is ranked one of the best YA books. I haven’t actually got around to reading it – why, I don’t know! – but I have a copy on my shelf that I’ll try to read very soon! 
  • Sweethearts by Sara Zarr is the ultimate Galentine’s read. I read it long before I started blogging seriously, but this holiday always reminds me of the sugar-sweet cover and the powerful story within. 


If you don’t have the extra money to splash out on a gift for your friends, don’t worry! Have you heard of Friendship Tokens? They’re a little like those things you used to give people as gifts when you were a kid and had things like “I owe you one hug” or “This entitles you to _____”. You can make a little token book for you friends with things like:

  • I owe you a coffee on pay day!
  • This entitles you to a fun day out together
  • For painting nails / makeovers / face masks, etc
If you do have a little cash to spend on your friends this Galentine’s, I’ve picked my favourite finds I’ve stumbled across this time of year. Most are from small businesses. It’s really important to me to support them!

  • These Long Distance Friendship Necklaces are the perfect gifts for those friends who live so far away! I think this might be my favourite of all. Most of my friends live quite a distance from me and it’s hard to ever see them / see them at all. These are so cute – and they’re so affordable! 


No good Galentine’s Day post would be worth sharing without some cute graphics to share with your BFFs! I made a few that you can text, email or @ your friends with on the day! Feel free to fill in your details and your friends! (I made these just for personal use, please no commercial use.) These are super easy and free to send to your friends online if you’re strapped for cash! Just open any online editor online or hand-write it in an App and send away! Don’t forget to tag me – I love to see your creations! You can use the tag #GalentinesPLM – just click to tweet 💗

Click here to download. 

Click here to download.


If you’re planning on heading out this Galentine’s, your plans probably involve a bunch of friends having dinner or cocktails in the city, or a quiet little coffee brunch at Starbucks. I’ll be celebrating Galentine’s a little early since I’ll be in London at a book event, so I’ll probably grab cocktails with my sister. But if you’re still unsure what to do, here are a list of some amazing ideas you could do!

  • Cocktails/soft drinks/milkshakes on a rooftop bar
  • Coffee date 
  • Sleepover (manicures, face masks, THE WORKS)
  • Wine and netflix
  • See a movie and order too much popcorn
  • Jet off to a city (if you’re, like, rich)
  • Karaoke bar!!
  • Go shopping, get manicures, you know, a proper girls-day-out 
  • Literally ANYTHING that involves dancing and having fun! (Legal fun! Be responsible) 

For anyone who wants to listen to songs about love, being single, bitterness, happiness, and all the inbetweens (including some laughs), I made a playlist for everything you might want to listen to this love season. 

So, how are you spending Galentine’s/Valentine’s Day? 

Let me know in the comments, on Twitter or Facebook!

happy reading! (and Happy almost Valentine’s)

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