Get The Look: Aria Montgomery (from “Pretty Little Liars – Season 3”)

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The trend-setting girls of ABC’s “Pretty Little Liars” have always been ahead of the game when it comes to style and fashion. But, the question is, can we as fans replicate those amazing outfits?! Look no further…

Starting with one of PLL’s most notable trendsetters, Aria Montgomery, played by the equally stylish Lucy Hale, here are some of Aria’s most perfectly put together pieces and affordable, suitable alternatives for you…

Blue (Blue) Yumi Blue Polka Dot Crop Blazer | 272073440 | New LookStripe ponte jacketBlazers. Aria has worn a few of these throughout Season 3, most memorably being the boldest colours on the palette; like the crop-gold blazer and her red/black striped jacket. If you wanted to go all-out like Aria with something bold and adventurous; a blazer like this one (blue, polka dot) would definitely spice up any outfit. Though, if you’re wanting to play it safe, a blazer like this one (black/white striped) would be a more neutral alternative whilst still keeping a trendy, Aria-inspired outfit. You can pair either of these blazers with a quirky skater-dress for a youthful look, or skinny jeans for a more casual style; like Aria demonstrates at Rosewood High School.

Gold (Gold) Gold and Silver Cross Charm Bracelet Stack  | 277739293 | New LookWhite (White) People Tree Cream Puffin Peplum Joy Dress | 272293310 | New Look

STUNNING Lazer Cut Platforms

Blue lace peplum dressDresses. Aria has some bold fabric choices throughout all the seasons when it comes to dresses, but one of my all-time favourites has to be the white/black peplum dress she wore in Season 3 and this quirky, equally detailed and peplum (black/white detail dress, above), is a brilliant equal to Aria’s dress. But for those who aren’t looking for that full-on printed dress and only want half that colour attack, this cute turquoise peplum dress (below, blue/black) is just a little spark of quirky-ness that Aria would surely approve of. Pair any of these dresses with gold jewellery, perhaps like this one (seen above) that has Aria written all over it. Heels are a must for these dresses, especially for the night-time themed outfit. For daytime, if you’re not feeling like dragging five-inch heels around the mall with friends out shopping, wedges (white/yellow, above) and hidden height flats are a favourite of mine. 

Gold (Gold) Gold and Neon Pink Pearl Spike Necklace | 279671493 | New LookJewellery. Aria is a big fan of those necklaces you think you’ll never pull off; then you see Miss Montgomery sporting them on PLL and immediately want one. My favourite store for jewellery is “New Look”. They have some awesome necklaces, and even one that looks extremely similar to the one Aria is wearing in this picture with Hanna (both necklaces, above/below). Her style is very much girly-studs when it comes to jewellery, and she never fails in making us want her wardrobe!
Hair. Over the course of three seasons, Aria’s hair has gone through some major chops-and-changes. From long to short, curls to straight, Aria’s hairstyle can never be predicted from episode to episode in PLL. The only thing we can predict is those streaky-pink highlights she wears in flashbacks which remind us so much of the liar-free Aria. How-to; for Aria’s wavy curls, try braiding your hair when it’s almost dry from washing, and wear the braids overnight. In the morning, your hair should be lusciously wavy, and the curls should stay all day when sprayed with a little hairspray to keep frizzy-waves gone. For stubborn hair; try putting some heat protection spray on your hair before curling with a 1-inch curler, starting with the bottom layer of your hair and working your way through to the top. Finishing touches; pin half your hair up with a detailed hair-clip or pin to get the Aria-inspired finish.
Make-up. From day-to-day, Aria keeps a subtle, black lined eye with a rosy-blush and perfectly groomed eyebrows look. My favourite Aria make-up of Season 3 had to be the one she wore on the Halloween Train. How to; start with your usual foundation, concealer and powder. Start next with the eyes; place a light, cream colour all over the lid. Next, trace a black kohl liner and wing it out toward the end. Next, take a blending brush and blend a medium-to-dark brown shade in the crease of your eye. This will intensify the smoky-eye look, too. Next, blend a black or brown eyeshadow on the bottom lash line, starting on the outer corner, inwards. You can also line your bottom water-line with kohl if you want that full cat-eye. Finish off with two coats of mascara and fill in any gaps in your eyebrows to give a perfected arch. Minimal blush is needed for this look, and you could even swap with a light bronzer instead.
Thank you. I hope you loved all my Aria-inspired looks for Season Three, and I will most definitely be investigating some of the other Liars’ wardrobes for some alternative looks we can all inspire to wear. You can follow all the links above to find the clothing and jewellery I’ve added, and for more hints and tips for Aria, subscribe to this blog or follow me on twitter at @littlememoirs.
happy shopping,
xo Becca

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