Goodbye 20, Hello 21! AKA It’s My Birthday!

Twenty One.

Another year older, maybe wiser, probably smarter and definitely more together. 

Today is my 21st Birthday. I don’t feel that age, but I couldn’t tell you what age I do feel, either. Some days I’m seventeen feeling lost, sometimes I’m thirty feeling like I’ve got everything under control and today, whether I feel it or not, I am twenty one years old. I’m probably getting ready right now, doing my make-up with some elaborate eyelashes and putting on my very springtime themed dress on my way to spending the day in England with my family. I’m writing this, two days before my birthday, completely emerged in the sunlight of the day and listening to my simple music on Spotify. Another year can bring anything, good and bad, but I hope that this new year for me brings some sunshine and sheds a little light on my life. But I have books, my most prized possessions, and my family and friends. 

That’s all that I need. 

So, goodbye 20. Hello 21. It’s very nice to meet you…

happy birthday me,

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