Halloween Week of Horrors Day 3: Come To The Pumpkin Patch With Me

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Halloween Week of Horrors: Day Three

Come to the Pumpkin Patch With Me!

Can you believe that I’ve never been to a pumpkin patch before? No? Neither can I! For someone that loves Halloween and subsequently everything pumpkin-related, it’s baffled me, too. But it’s been on my to-do list for the longest time, so in the spirit of not putting things off and living to the fullest, me and my Parents set off to the Porthcawl Pumpkin Patch Picking farm, nine acres of pumpkin goodness. 

The day started early, and we headed from home in Cwmbran (a small town in South Wales) to Porthcawl, around a twenty-five to thirty minute drive away. Porthcawl is mostly known for being a tourism-hotspot, the blissful beach town like a page from a bestseller, gleaming waters and sun peaking through the clouds. And the morning we drove there, the autumn sun created a murky brightness from beneath the clouds as we arrived at the field, a hazy kind of sunrise effect that framed the acres of pumpkins.


I didn’t set out to buy a “certain” amount of pumpkins, or even have an idea of what I was looking for (just pumpkins, to be honest) so I was definitely winging it! In the fields, they give you a wheelbarrow (which is a total Dad job to push around, so thank you Dad!) and that’s how we picked our pumpkins! I found a large white one that called to me, and a smaller orange one, as well as a red one, green one and black medium pumpkin. They all have different colours, which when put together looks so stunning. And the five of them cost £15 in total, which I think is a total bargain, considering you can’t get all these colours/sizes in supermarkets!

We spent around an hour at the Pumnpkin Patch, and after I’d checked out and was given a sticker (I love this so much, even if it was mainly for the kids, lol) we then headed to Starbucks, obviously, for drinks. I got my last PSL (Frappuccino) of the season before we then made our way to the seafront and near Porthcawl Lighthouse.

Lighthouses are some of my favourite things on Earth, and so seeing it in person was so lovely. We couldn’t actually walk to it because the road was under construction, but we had a little stroll on the seafront and stared out at the water for a while, which was such a beautiful moment to end Sunday with. The way the sun led across the water, a small chill in the air, made me feel like autumn was all around. And then when we got home, we scrubbed up the pumpkins and freed them of their dirt from the fields and gave them a centre stage on our table, ready for Halloween week. 

If you’re not near one of the Picking Pumpkins locations, find your local pumpkin patch below!

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I hope you enjoyed hearing about my first trip at the Pumpkin Patch! I can’t wait to go back next year and see what kind of ones I get – let me know if you visited one this year and what your plans are for Halloween!

Happy Halloweek!

Becca x

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