I believe in helping other Bloggers like me who need assistance in starting their own Book Blog. Mostly because, I wish that someone had helped me out when I first started reviewing books. Don’t get me wrong: hard work = getting noticed. No one should have the things in life handed to them on a silver platter. But there are things that some newbies don’t know or can’t find out there on the internet. 

So, I wanted to be a change in that. Here’s my little guide on how to make your YA Book Blog take flight!

  • It’s all in the name! It’s very true. Picking a unique and catchy blog name is what makes you stand out from the rest. 
  • Content needs to be creative. Don’t copy (unless it’s a meme but we’ll get to those later on) because that’s the number one rule of blogging. Who likes a copy-cat? It’s the worst thing to see Bloggers copying each other. Individuality is key.
  • So, you’re ready to post something? FIND YOUR VOICE. Talk from the heart, with your unique voice and POV on the world. Be yourself, don’t take it too seriously and don’t forget to spell-check and make your rating system clear-cut for your readers to know whether they’d like to read a book you’ve reviewed. 
  • On to Memes. There’s Top Ten Tuesday, Waiting on Wednesday and so many more. I even created some of my own: Sister Book Swap and Seasonal Reads! Taking part in these can actually give you a few views, too! By tagging, choosing the right key words and commenting on other blogs taking part, you could even make yourself some blogger friends!
  • Social media! It’s the best! Even if you don’t have them all, sharing your posts and creating a name for yourself is what cements your place in the YA community. Make friends, share ideas, get involved! 
  • Editing pictures is a grueling task for many. If you find it’s not in your budget to get Photoshop (with you on that one!) there are SO MANY other options! There’s Ribbet, PicMonkey, Paint.net and many more free image editors. For Bookstagram wise, my favourite apps are VSCO and then I use Planoly to organise my posts. All these apps are free to use and APP store. 
  • The last step? It’s simple. READ. READ. READ. I know it’s a cliche, but reading makes you a better writer (if that’s your dream) and helps you get into the reviewing groove. Don’t forget that sometimes, inspiration can run dry. But that’s okay! Reminding yourself that you’re doing the best job is what you need. 

If you still need some help, quote “Blogger Help” in your message to me. I’ll see if I can extend some knowledge!
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