Home Comforts: Introduction #1

Introducing Home Comforts with Becca. I love Pretty Little Memoirs and all it’s bookish history. But before it became just a book blog, I had a few other things I talked about here like lifestyle and beauty. Those things got pushed aside when my love of books took over, and now that I’m ready to do multiple avenues on PLM, I got the idea for Home Comforts. And it’s not going to be a major thing or even a regular thing. It’s an every-now-and-then thing in between books and more.

In Home Comforts, I’ll be reviewing non-fiction books and memoirs/autobiographies, but they’ll be more of a glance at them and what they’re about. And I’ll be sharing my baking tips. Those who know me know that baking is everything I love in one little bundle. Plus, sharing photography hacks and tutorials will be really different and new to shake things up here. You’ll also get a glance at my Lifestyle aspects, like organisation and hacks to do with reading spaces, offices and self care tips. 

What I’m trying to say is that Home Comforts is going to be something I know you’re going to love and stay reading PLM for. It’s still me, it’s still very much bookish, just a little more real. 

happy reading!

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