Blog Tour & Review: Jiddy Vardy by Ruth Estevez

Title: Jiddy Vardy
Author: Ruth Estevez
Published: June 21st, 2018
Publisher: Zuntold
Rating: ★★★★
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Disclosure: I received this ARC in exchange for an impartial review. As always, my reviews are fair and unbiased.

1779. On tumultuous waters a girl is born as pirates board the ship . . .
Jiddy Vardy is a survivor.
Rescued at birth, she grows up in Robin Hood’s Bay, a community which harbours a dangerous secret, one that could get you killed.
Always the outsider, with her dark skin and hair, at sixteen Jiddy is clever, brave and headstrong, soon risking her life and freedom to play her part in the Bay’s clandestine activities.
Then, just as romance blossoms and Jiddy finally feels like she belongs, figures from the past threaten to tear her world apart, and she has to decide where her loyalties truly lie.
A thrilling tale of one girl’s search for identity and love, set against a backdrop of wild seas, smuggling and violence. 

First Thoughts…

The synopsis of Jiddy Vardy reeled me in from the start. Not only did words like Robin Hood’s Bay and romance stand out, but this slice of YA is intertwined with pirates and set in 1779! I’ve never quite picked up a book like this, so I was eager to start! 

My Review…

There’s something so enticing about Jiddy Vardy from the very beginning. We’re pulled into this deeply surprising, cut-throat story with Jiddy at the forefront. We soon learn that the stature of the plot rests on Jiddy and the role that she plays among pirates involved in a sort of smuggling opperation. It’s never shy of action, even during the slower parts of Jiddy’s story, and it’s hard to crawl out once the plot anchors it’s hook into your mind. 
I was surprised at the love-triangle, because I really had my sights on Jiddy and Jonas being the only ones for each other, because of their bond already established and it seemed unlike Jiddy’s character. But we have to remember her age and that the torn-love-interests echo her passionate thought of idealistic choices. But nevertheless, Ruth blends the romance, search of Jiddy’s identity and the action, perfectly, still. Jiddy is extremely wise for her age, and has one of the smartest heads on her shoulders. It’s because of this that we can understand her more and the reasons she does things, or the way that she can be so loving but never turn her back, too wise and loyal to underestimate. 
Overall, Jiddy Vardy has knocked me off my feet. It’s so clear that this is more than a search for identity, violence and love, but an epic YA adventure that was phenomenal from mighty start to heroic end. There’s so much emotion, character and in-depth detail in Ruth’s writing style and Jiddy’s tale never failed to keep me entertained throughout. I never thought I’d love a story with Pirates in as much as I absolutely loved Jiddy Vardy. Thank you, Ruth, for writing one of the best books I’ve read in a long while! Amazing four-stars! 

by Ruth Estevez
I don’t play music when I’m writing, so I’ve made a playlist of music from when I was between 17 – early 20s with a few extras thrown in.
They are chosen because ….the singer is passionate and I believe them. I like the tune. They are from a time in my life where they meant something. I love guitars and drums. Some just make me happy. Some may be a bit cheesy but cheese can be good. I love Ella Fitzgerald, and gutsy singing. And some of these just make me laugh!

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