Book Review: ‘Me Before You’ by Jojo Moyes

romantic, warm and thought-provoking – you’ve just found your new book…

When I first noticed the work of Jojo Moyes, it was when my
sister; Sophie, had bought a book of hers not long before I started reading Me Before You. It seems that it isn’t
just this book that captured the attention of the readers, but all of Jojo
Moyes work. Within reading the first couple of pages, I was intrigued by the
prologue. It seemed different to the books I had read previously, even before I
had begun the romantic tale.
The character of Lou Clark captured my attention, not
only by her actions, but also by how she was portrayed in the novel. She seemed
to always find a way to bring a spark to how I read about her journey. Not only
did the book breeze in and out of the elements of the romance genre, but it was
one of those very few stories that makes you think. Not only did I not put this book out of my sight for the
days I was reading it, but it remained re-readable even after I had turned the
back cover.
I recommend this novel completely and I have already passed it on
to eager family members who I am sure will adore this novel all the way through.
happy reading,
xo Becca Jayne

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