Now available to download! No charges or payment necessary.

I love a good preset. I’ve been so excited to share these three ones with you after perfecting them for months. You can have a cohesive, fluid grid on IG with these! I personally use “Softie” (with some minor adjustments) and find it so perfect for everything I need. Hopefully you’ll see one you like, too.

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free lightroom mobile presets
  • Clean Theme "Softie"
  • Autumnal Theme "Maple"
  • Colourful Theme "San Francisco"

DISCLAIMER: these presets are not for resale/resharing/editing/selling/using for any other intended purpose that isn’t instructed. It’s a criminal offense to not comply with these rules. 

HOW DO I DOWNLOAD LIGHTROOM?: Lightroom is an Adobe app and is free to download on your phone and iPad. You do not need to pay anything.

WHAT ARE LIGHTROOM PRESETS?: These cool little files make your IG feed look cohesive and so cute.  I use a signature one that I created to look soft and delicate, and upon sending years on Bookstagram, I’ve found inspiration in creating a few for friends that aren’t able to make them for themselves. Above, you can see pictures of my books with the three different presets I’m offering to get a better idea of what you’d like.

HOW DO I DOWNLOAD?: This is best done on your phone/the device that has your Lightroom app on. Click the link above called “Download Now” and it’ll take you to a folder. You can choose the preset, (i.e. Softie) that you want to download. Hit download, and save the .DNG file to your camera roll. Open your free Lightroom app and import the .DNG file. It should appear like a photograph with the name of the preset. Once you’ve got it imported, click the three dots in the upper right corner and click “create preset.” Now you’ve got it saved, you can apply it to all your photographs and it’ll keep the same settings. 

CAN I SHARE THESE WITH MY FRIENDS?: You can send them the link to my blog, where they can download the presets for themselves. Please do not share the RAW .DNG files with others. This is not only illegal, but can be met with criminal actions. Please keep it friendly and use the rules so we can all have fun.

THE PRESET DOESN’T LOOK GOOD ON MY PICTURE: There’s a simple fix for that! Try editing the “Exposure” or colour scales to get the picture light how you’d like. Let me know if you have any significant trouble and I’ll see if I can help. As this is a free item, I’m not able to provide technical support, but will help if/when I can.

WILL YOU BE CHARGING FOR THESE IN FUTURE/ADDING MORE?: I definitely might make some premium presets that require purchasing in the future. At this time, I don’t have any plans to add any more presets to the free collection.