Pretty Little Recap: #1

Hello book lovers! I thought I’d start the New Year with a new trend here on PLM: Pretty Little Recap! I used to have a section here called Play It Again which was similar although it focused more on music and books and I wanted to delve a little more into Lifestyle, Culture and of course Books. 

The theme will be divided into things I’ve watched or listened to this week, things I’ve read and things I’ve bought that I want to share with you all! If you want to see these things in more depth, my insta page is always readily updated. 


I haven’t read too much this first week of 2017 because I’ve had the flu and reading only makes my head fuzzy. Getting back into reading is like bumping into an old friend or finding that book you’ve been searching for ages to find, so that feeling of getting to delve back into old habits was perfect. 

I received Girls On Fire this week for review from Little, Brown and it looks like one of those die-hard books that you get lost in. Robin Wasserman is the author of the book and if you’re interested in captivating yet spine-tingling novels, you might want to look into this one! I’ll let you guys know what it’s like ASAP. 

I’m also on some amazing blog tours coming up very soon so check back next week for the information on those if you’re a fan of Adult fiction. 

Below are some of the books I’m DYING to read this year that I got late last year. I’ll be reviewing them all this month RIGHT HERE.


I think I found my new favourite store, you guys. SERIOUSLY. I haven’t been to Homesense before this but I love it’s sister-store TK Maxx so I thought I’d give it a try and headed in over the holidays. Not only did they have AMAZING furniture but unique and beautiful stationary! I almost did a haul picking up things for my desk. I’ll be posting some of the white marble accessories I got there on my insta page this weekend for you to have a closer look! But if you haven’t checked out Homesense you should – unless I’m way behind on the trend and you already love it. 


I’m going to miss Christmas music SO MUCH. The song from the Grinch, What If by Kate Winslet and Daniela Andrade’s EP. There’s just so many good Christmas songs to get into the winter mood with and now they’re gone. I did a little rooting around on Spotify to find some new music for the new year and found the Spotify Winter Acoustics Playlist and it’s almost like I’m making snow angels in a sun-lit forest. Perfect. 

That’s it for this months Pretty Little Recap! (Hopefully next time I’ll have more incredible things to share without having the flu).

happy reading!

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