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Review Policy


Here are my Policies for when I review books (and what I’m open to receiving for review) and also some rules for the Giveaways that I host here or for a Blog Tour.

Paperback/Hardback requests are OPEN (read below for further info). I do not accept self-published novels for review at this time. eBook/digital requests are unfortunately not currently accepted. 

 If you send me your entire novel in an email without prior consent or ask me to purchase your book (I review books for free – not for profit), unfortunately I can’t reply to you.

  • I am currently only looking for Young Adult, New Adult or Adult novels that are published traditionally (via a Publisher), but I will consider types of non-fiction novels. Genres such as graphic/explicit sexual content (i.e. erotica, non-extreme tropes that take up the entire plot) would be accepted on a case-by-case basis, as my blog’s readership has an age-aim for 14+ readers. I do however read novels with general mature content (and sometimes explicit content) so please do send a request if you are unsure. Those reviews are marked with a notice warning before the post, with age-warnings. Despite my blog’s name “Pretty Little Memoirs”, I sadly do not review memoirs, themselves. The name of my blog is based on two of my favourite books when I was younger, Pretty Little Liars and Memoirs of a Geisha.

My favourite genres to review are:

Young Adult: Romance, Contemporary, Fantasy, High School Drama, Thrillers & Horrors.

Adult: Contemporary Romance, Thrillers, Horrors & Murder Mysteries.

New Adult: Romance

Tropes I enjoy are: Friends-to-lovers, Enemies-to-lovers, Stuck together, Fake dating & Soulmates.

  • I review books in Physical Form. Currently, I am not accepting eBooks/PDFs for the time being. 
  • Requests will NOT be accepted if in self-published form. Unfortunately, I’m unable to review self-published books at this time. I get a lot of requests for these and unfortunately, I can’t fulfil them all. If this ever changes, you’ll see it right here. If you do send me a message regarding your self-published book, I will sadly not be able to reply, as this would be unfair to other self-published authors that I’ve been unable to give spotlight on my blog. Thank you for understanding.
  • Please do not send me your book in an email (.PDF/eBook) without first discussion, as this happens a lot. I will not reply to your email if you do this, unfortunately, as we haven’t agreed on this. 
  • I will also highly consider Audiobooks for review if it is traditionally published. 
  • I love doing blog tours, reviews and Q&A’s. If you want to know more about my review process and how I can schedule your book tour/review/etc, into my blog, just contact me with your questions here.
  • I post my reviews here, Goodreads, Amazon and Waterstones. For American/Canadian novels, I also post to Barnes & Noble. If you would like my review posted on a certain bookselling website, please let me know this in advance so that I can cooperate fully and get everything ready. Likewise, if you want my review posted on your publishers website, I need to look into it first to make sure that I am able to do so in my territory in the UK.
  • I will always provide a fair and honest review for any book I read. If I don’t like your book that you sent me, I will always tell you my opinion first if the rating is less than three stars, so that we can discuss whether you’d like me to go ahead with posting my thoughts. If you would rather I didn’t, I will completely adhere to your wishes. Nevertheless, I am always unbiased in my reviews and will rate and review as I feel about the book and how I think others will like it. For example, I might say it wasn’t for me, but someone who likes the plot/type of genre, it would be likeable to them. (Though I hardly read anything I hate these days, I know from the synopsis whether I will or not and wouldn’t accept one I didn’t think I would love.)
  • If I haven’t replied in more than a few days, please give me some time as I’m also a twenty-something year old girl who spends time doing various other activities, so my time is split in various ways, but I treat my blog as my job of sorts, and I am always 100% committed. This being said, you may not tell me: what to write in the review, rush my reading, ask me to change my review or rating – this is not what I’m about.
  • If there is a specific date you would like the review up for, I can always arrange that. If no date is provided, I will post the review as soon as I have finished the book or near the release date if I can. 
  • If you would like to advertise your upcoming book on my blog (such as a widget AD) then I can arrange that for up to two weeks at a time. In the past, I have done this in exchange for a donation to a charity of my choice.
  • I will not accept any monetary compensation for writing a review and run this blog entirely in my free time without payment and it is completely self-funded (though it would be amazing to be a full-time blogger, I am a writer/coder by day!).
  • I am not responsible for any book that gets lost in the mail on either end, but will always help look into it if the book has been lost.
  • Giveaway rules (for blog/Twitter/Instagram giveaways) are: You must be 15 or over to enter (under 15’s can take part, but will need parental/guardian permission to enter), Winners are picked at random (by a randomiser on the Internet), I am not responsible for any prize that gets lost in the mail (this is out of my hands). These rules are subject to the sponsors of the giveaway, if there is one. Any prize lost in transit is unfortunately not something I can help with.
New Influencer Regulations:
With effective measures immediately, at PLM any books received or given to me by someone that was not a family member or gifted to myself from my own money, will be marked as ADS/GIFTED in the “tagged” section. I always say whether I bought the book/item regardless, but this is an extra measure to just say that this item/book was gifted to me and to make you 100% aware of that. I won’t ever be bought, or “made” to give a glowing review, all my reviews are always non-bias and will continue to be that way.

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