Getting to know: Pretty Little Memoirs
I made this page for Publishers, Bloggers and Authors who are looking at working with me for reviews, guest posts, etc, and would like to know more information about my style of writing, blog impact and stats. If you’re looking for the Pretty Little Media Kit, you can view it below.
Among other Publishers (Orion, Chicken House, Simon & Schuster UK and USA, Harper Collins, Scholastic) I’ve written reviews for Hodder & Stoughton and have been featured in print for several of these novels below after reading ARCs. You can find my quotations on Hodder’s website and by searching on Pretty Little Memoirs using the tag: Hodder.
Style Of Writing & Posts
I would call my style of writing honest and like talking to a friend. I try to make Pretty Little Memoirs a place that anyone can enjoy, whether an Adult or YA reader and any gender. My reviews are usually split into First Thoughts, Review, Rating and Perfect For, that give my posts a little extra originality and gives readers more information about the book without giving away plots or quotes. I don’t have a schedule for reviewing in the long term, but usually plan out a week in advance to let Publishers know when a review is going live on my blog. I’m fully flexible to plan out, schedule and write a post whenever the publisher/author/blogger, wants and I usually reply to emails within hours (or minutes if I’m blogging at the time).
Final Words
Pretty Little Memoirs is very special to me and I value each and every retweet, post, review, ARC/book and views I receive and I never take anything for granted. I’ve built up almost 31 thousand unique visitors for my blog per month to further spread my love of books to. I also create filters for Instagram that have been used 3 million times. I write, blog and read because I love it and I love that my blog can make others happy to read, find new books and help authors get the word of their novel out to different audiences and crowds. My heart belongs to books and running Pretty Little Memoirs in a word is heaven. If you choose me to help you with your book/blog/etc, I’ll put as much effort into it as I’ve done with the many before it. 
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Becca x