Book Review: See You Yesterday by Rachel Lynn Solomon


See You Yesterday by Rachel Lynn Solomon

Published: May 17th 2022 by Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers
Rating: ★★★★★ (5)
Genre: Young Adult // Romance, Contemporary, Time Travel
Quick Thoughts: An unafraid novel that had me enamoured—turning pages into the night—in awe of how deeply I felt attached to everything, each character, each time, all at once.

About The Book:

Barrett Bloom is hoping college will be a fresh start after a messy high school experience. But when school begins on September 21st, everything goes wrong. She’s humiliated by the know-it-all in her physics class, she botches her interview for the college paper, and at a party that night, she accidentally sets a frat on fire. She panics and flees, and when she realizes her roommate locked her out of their dorm, she falls asleep in the common room.

The next morning, Barrett’s perplexed to find herself back in her dorm room bed, no longer smelling of ashes and crushed dreams. It’s September 21st. Again. And after a confrontation with Miles, the guy from Physics 101, she learns she’s not alone—he’s been trapped for months.

When her attempts to fix her timeline fail, she agrees to work with Miles to find a way out. Soon they’re exploring the mysterious underbelly of the university and going on wild, romantic adventures. As they start falling for each other, they face the universe’s biggest unanswered question yet: what happens to their relationship if they finally make it to tomorrow?

First Thoughts

We’ve well-established that YA Romances are my thing. I do not like to stray away from things that I love. So when I saw See You Yesterday around six months or so ago, I pre-ordered it quick-fast. And as soon as it arrived, it went straight to the top of my TBR. I’ve only read a handful of Groundhog Day type reads, but they have become quite a favourite as of late!

My Review

Our main character Barrett Bloom is hoping that college (University) will be a fresh start from things that happened to her in High School. But unfortunately, fate has a different plan for her on September 21st. She gets roomed with her mean ex-friend from school, tanks an interview—her chance at following Journalism—gets shown up by a smart-ass in class, and sets fire to a frat house. It’s not until Barrett wakes up the next day that she sees the unthinkable: September 21st has restarted all over again. And after going through the motions (and all the emotions) she finds she’s actually not alone, either—smart-ass from physics is trapped right there with her. Which is when life gets crazy.

Trying all they can to fix the broken timeline, Barrett and her newfound partner in time, Miles, clash at first. But over literal time, they begin to make a plan. Try things her way a little, then his. But no amount of good deeds, reckless days, road trips and alternate endings can fix what’s wrong. They explore the University, trying to find a logical, or even wild, idea that would fix it. But the more they become wrapped in their own little world that only they are trapped in, the more Barrett can’t ignore her growing feelings for Miles. She’s been burned before, but she knows he’s different. Kind, caring, soft beneath the hard exterior front he puts on to the world. She lets him see the real her, too, as she discovers it for herself right alongside him. But the closer they get to finding a way out, and to one another, the more it becomes obvious—what happens to what they built when this is over, and is it worth the risk?

Overall, See You Yesterday came into my life in a whirlwind of sassy lines, time jokes, sex-positive inclusion and characters I adored from the get-go. Barrett felt like a friend, someone I was cheering on as she battled insecurities and came to terms with her feelings of the past, present and future. I adored Miles. He was truly a top-tier book boyfriend and will be beloved by many, I can say for certain. The raw, crystal-clear connection between Barrett and Miles defied everything I thought could exist between characters. Don’t even get me started on this well-crafted, exquisite world Rachel built, how time weaved a tale that wrapped the characters in a Groundhog Day style mystery that kept me reading endlessly. See You Yesterday was simply an unafraid novel that had me enamoured—turning pages into the night—in awe of how deeply I felt attached to everything, each character, each time, all at once. Five stars doesn’t feel like enough!

About The Author

Rachel Lynn Solomon writes about imperfect people falling in love. She is the New York Times bestselling author of Today Tonight Tomorrow, See You Yesterday, The Ex Talk, and more. Originally from Seattle, she's currently navigating expat life with her husband in Amsterdam, where she can often be found exploring the city, collecting stationery, and working up the courage to knit her first sweater. Connect with her on Instagram @rlynn_solomon.

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