Speed Review: “Letting Go” by Bridie Hall

Title: Letting Go

Author: Bridie Hall
Genre: Young Adult – Novella  
Release Date: Janurary 24th, 2014 (UK/USA)
Published by: Evernight Teen
Purchase at: Amazon

With thanks to Bridie for the copy of this novel! As always, my reviews are non-bias and fair.

One girl. Two Brothers. Three broken hearts.

Isabelle is left stranded at the airport, and her only chance of getting home is with her boyfriend’s older brother, Harper. 
When this good girl and bad boy set off towards home, it turns out that maybe she’s not such a good girl after all. And even bad boys have reasons for their bad behavior.

The road trip is full of shocking revelations and unexpected emotions, bringing the two of them closer than Isabelle ever thought possible. 
Maybe too close.

When Bridie offered a copy of Letting Go to me for review, I knew this was going to be a special kind of read for me. I haven’t read that many Novellas but straight from the synopsis, this looked like the perfect afternoon read for me. 

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Isabelle is returning from Paris after some time away, and was looking forward to being picked up by her boyfriend Jamie. But there were many things Isabelle didn’t expect was going to happen that day, or the days to follow. First Jamie is unable to pick her up, so she’s stuck with Jamie’s older brother; Harper – who she has a bittersweet relationship with, her luggage was gone when she landed in Atlanta, and to make things worse, she’s got two guys vying for her affections.
The thing is, they’re brothers. And she’s only just finding out how heartbreaking and whirlwind the next few weeks will be for the three of them. 
Isabelle was a great narrator and character, and I loved that there was a lot of dialogue in the novel, because I think it really set the tone and kept me interested more than usual. She was very different to Harper, and I think because he had a slightly troubled background, Isabelle was very judging of his actions and past before she really got to know the real Harper. 
Letting Go is a novella I could read over and over. I was captured by the storyline and was taken along for the ride for the whole car “road-trip” and the days that followed. It was addictive and fun, and I was especially drawn in by Harper and Isabelle, no matter the things that came in-between them. She knew all along when she was with Jamie that there was something between her and Harper and I think that until those early pages of the book when we really get to see them together, interacting, does she really think; we have a connection. 
And I know that she was with Jamie first, but torn still, and I honestly thought that Harper brought out something special in her. 
The whole romance was cute and light, perfect for a Novella…but I wanted more! More than a Novella! I wanted to find out what would happen after the “the end” and more. There was a sheer brilliance about the whole setting of Letting Go and I’m actually so happy that I had the chance to get to read it, because I know if I hadn’t been offered to read it, I would be missing out completely. 
Pure sweet-romance, emotions and heartbreak, but ultimately, a love story that I loved. Perfect for Valentine’s Day! And speaking of Valentine’s Day, Bridie Hall has a Valentine’s themed giveaway going on over on her website, so click here for a chance to win!

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