Giveaway rules for blog/Twitter/Instagram giveaways are as follows:

  • You must be 15 or over to enter (under 15’s can take part, but will need parental/guardian permission to enter.)
  • Winners are picked at random (by a randomiser on the Internet.)
  • I am not responsible for any prize that gets lost in the mail (this is out of my hands).
  • These rules are always subject to the sponsors of the giveaway, if there is one.
  • Any prize lost in transit is unfortunately not something I can help with as since the COVID pandemic, I no longer send giveaway prizes out myself and use an external source (Book Depo/Amazon, etc.) But I will always help look into things and find a solution.
  • Cheating means you will be automatically excluded from entering.
  • I reserve the right to disqualify anyone.
  • Please be aware that DM-ing me to ask who has won/why you haven’t won/why I haven’t announced the winners yet will get you disqualified from future giveaways.
  • Unless stipulated that it is a “Pre-Order” Giveaway, books that are for pre-order cannot be chosen as a prize unfortunately, as certain allocations are made each month/opportunity, for winners.
  • Bonus entry for following me on instagram will get you x5 more entries into the giveaway.

Please refer to these for all giveaways hosted by PLM only.