‘The Body Shop’ Haul! + save £’s

fair trade, against animal testing, protecting the planet, defending human rights and activating self esteem…what brand could do better?

The Body Shop sits on the corner of my local shopping centre, probably displaying the prettiest and most inviting products in the windows. To start with, I thought they were just another brand with expensive price tags and products that were average. Clearly, I was a little more than wrong. The Body Shop go to extents to make sure all their products are quite nearly perfect. They’re against animal testing since the early 1990’s, protecting the planet by recycling, using fair trade ingredients, whilst still staying true to the meaning and development of their products.

This was probably my favourite Haul yet. I ordered online, and because the sale was calling too loudly to wait until Monday to get my first glimpse of the gorgeous products, (about a week ago, there was a sale and a massive 30% off all products that qualified). So, here’s my detailed and envious product descriptions and reviews below! Enjoy…

pack of five smell-and-love soaps! these
two are my favourite! 🙂

Let’s start with prettiest looking…
These five mini soaps in scents such as Lime, Lemon, Strawberry, Vanilla and Orange were…amazing. Not only do they look cute, but they smell gorgeous! This pack-of-5 was half price, too–which made an even better bargain! Plus, who could resist animal shaped soaps? Not me.

Is this one of my five a day?
Beautifully Bananas…

I had read about this conditioner for so long before I had bought it, good things, mainly. How it detangled hair and had little real pieces of banana inside. It definitely lived up to my expectations, especially after using more than just the occasional once. My hair is long-long and wavy, so this product was much needed in that department. It’s a lovely change from the usual line of conditioners I use like Aussie or Tresemme, and I’d definitely repurchase if TBS has another sale to knock some £££ off the price tag.

Staying on the subject of clean hair… I absolutely love this product! It’s the “Ice Blue” menthol shampoo that’s supposed to knock all those other shampoo’s that promise super-clean hair out of the water…and it most certainly does! After just one use, my hair felt literally squeaky clean. And a little…goes such a long way. I have hair that just keeps growing longer and longer by the day, and I’m always finding my hair products are rapidly decreasing with my hair growth, but not this shampoo. SAD ALERT: I was walking past a TBS store just after purchasing this online, and saw it was being discontinued. I had already used this shampoo twice and thought…what’s the worse that could happen? And grabbed another bottle… and maybe more…
Clean skin in a couple bottles…
250ml bottles are my enemies. In hair products, they don’t last at all very long. But that’s all changed thanks to these little products, and the many facial products to come. Firstly, “Passion Fruit Cleanser” is up. This was the very first TBS product I used on my skin, and had almost the same reaction as when I tried the hair products…this leaves my skin so clean! I have combination skin, and this kept everything in the “right” balance, though still using twice daily, or as I do, switching from product to product whenever I feel like it. It’s basically your average cleanser with an oomph. That oomph being superpowers, the ability to clean your skin without the need of toner.
NEXT: “Cucumber Cleansing Milk” – this is…indescribable. It’s a formula that you almost moisturise into the skin, then tissue off, not wash. At first, I had doubts because I’d never used a cleansing milk, but I was totally swayed by the fact that this cleanser was the most wonderful thing I’d ever smelt. It also didn’t do a bad job on my skin, either. Even though it had the looks of a moisturiser, it left my skin feeling refreshed and clean.
NEXT: “Refreshing Facial Water” – the first word that came to mind when I first read about this product was…awkward. I had no idea how this would refresh my face, or how the rose water and tea tree oil would make a difference. But Rose Water is known for it’s healing presence on the skin, and tea tree being a big blemish blaster, this water and I have gotten on like a house on fire ever since. yay.
Yes, it’s true, that (I’m pretty sure it’s all orders right now) The Body Shop give a free gift with online orders! I got the most adorable little Pink Grapefruit Body Wash that’s perfect for travelling and leaving your smelling yummy. It’s a 60ml bottle, like the ones they usually have in gift sets, (I also have the white musk scent), so I was no stranger to the shrinked-size product! 🙂
You can save money with The Body Shop, too…
At the moment, The Body Shop have a promotional offer that can save you up to £25 on items (certain days they also have free standard delivery, otherwise it’s a small £2.99). You can spend £15 and save £5, £25 and save £10, or £50 and save £25! How amazing is that?! All you have to do to be counted into the savings is enter the promo code: SPLASH
Happy savings!
have a great weekend, and stay beautiful!
xo Becca Jayne
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