Book Review: This Is Why We Lie by Gabriella Lepore


This Is Why We Lie by Gabriella Lepore

Published: September 21st by Inkyard Press
Rating: ★★★★ (4)
Genre: Young Adult // Mystery, Thriller
Quick Thoughts: Unputdownable murder mystery with prep-school thrills and deadly secrets.

About The Book: Everyone in Gardiners Bay has a secret.

When Jenna Dallas and Adam Cole find Colleen O’Dell’s body floating off the shore of their coastal town, the community of Gardiners Bay is shaken. But even more shocking is the fact that her drowning was no accident.

Once Jenna’s best friend becomes a key suspect, Jenna starts to look for answers on her own. As she uncovers scandals inside Preston Prep School leading back to Rookwood reform school, she knows she needs Adam on her side.

As a student at Rookwood, Adam is used to getting judgmental looks, but now his friends are being investigated by the police. Adam will do whatever he can to keep them safe, even if that means trusting Jenna.

As lies unravel, the truth starts to blur. Only one thing is certain: somebody must take the fall.

First Thoughts

There’s nothing like a murder mystery with the classic prep-school (or boarding school) vibes, especially in the late Autumn. I couldn’t wait for this to creep into my TBR stack, a little later than I expected to dive in, but right on queue for what I was wanting to immerse myself in!

My Review

Set in dual POV’s, we dive straight into the action when Jenna, one of our MC’s, finds Colleen O’Dell’s body in the water just off the shore of her small coastal town that she attends Prep School in. But she’s beyond help, and unfortunately, the case turns from what appears to be a tragic accident to a fully fledged murder inquiry. Soon enough, Jenna and Adam—who attends a reform school in town, our other MC—are both pulled into the investigation. Even though they’re essentially from different paths in life, they know they’ve got to stick together, unwillingly trusting one another, to find answers.

The book is fast paced but did hesitate a little slower in the start for me, but I still found myself glued to the pages. As soon as one of Jenna’s friends becomes a suspect, further lies unravelling and questions hanging in the air, it definitely speeds things up. Jenna begins to wonder if Colleen’s killer is from Adam’s school, believing that his schoolmates know more than they’re letting on. But everyone in Gardiners Bay seems to be harbouring secrets, and the shocks just keep coming.

Overall, This Is Why We Lie was one of those unputdownable murder mysteries with prep-school thrills and deadly secrets that I love—and reach for—at this time of year. I found myself intrigued the whole way through, initially struggling to connect to the characters, this worked its way out swiftly and I found myself following along with the POVs easily. Gabriella’s writing style is punchy and emotive, giving me that small town chills vibe that makes a mystery work effortlessly. I’d highly recommend this to anyone looking for a well-paced thriller with edge – four amazing stars! (I also love that Gabriella is from South Wales like me!!)

About the Author

Gabriella Lepore is a YA author from South Wales in the United Kingdom. She lives in the countryside with her husband and daughter. When she isn’t reading or writing, she can usually be found exploring the coastline. She loves autumn days and cups of tea, and is always searching for the next mystery.

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