This Week I…{#1}

“This Week I…” is a new weekly sort-of meme where I generally ramble on about what happened in my week, book related and more. 

Alice Through The Zombie Glass by Gena Showalter
Anything to Have You by Paige Harbison



  Stormy & Heaven’s Gonna Wait by Hedley –
I could listen to Hedley all day, so it’s no surprise they’re in my playlist this week
Perfume (feat. Sia) by Britney Spears – 
I only just discovered this version of the song online and fell for it completely
Dark Horse by Katy Perry –
If there’s ever a time for a girl-power / kick-ass song, I will always pick this one. And it’s so catchy! 
Overjoyed by Bastille – 
Such a hauntingly beautiful song
I Do Not Love You by Ron Pope –
Another musician I could find so many songs that I love within the albums! This is just one of many, many favourites I have
The Funeral by Band of Horses –
I heard this in a YouTube video and just couldn’t get over how breathtakingly beautiful the song is!

Teen Wolf –
I love how incredible this show has evolved throughout the seasons, and now in Season 3, I’m more enthralled in the whole Scott/Allison/Stiles situation more than ever before
Grey’s Anatomy – 
How can you not be addicted to this show? 
Pretty Little Liars –
I can’t EVER miss my weekly dose of the Little Liars and when I’m not watching
 it, I’m thinking of A’s next move. What are Alison’s motives? Is Ezra really A? WHO IS A, already?!
Some others I need to catch up on: The Vampire Diaries (Klaus and Caroline?!) The Originals (How confusing is all this Witchy-stuff getting?!)

If You Find Me by Emily Murdoch – Thank you; Orion!
The Secret Diamond Sisters by Michelle Madow – So excited for this one! It’s been on my TBR list forever. Thanks Mira Ink!
Letting Go by Bridie Hall – I love reading novella’s every once in a while, so I can’t wait to start this one. Thanks Bridie!

What did you do this week?

Are you excited for any of these books/music/shows?

Tell me in the comments!

Happy Reading/Listening/Watching!
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