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  1. Glass Houses had the perfect ending for the story, now I'm trying to work my way through the entire Morganville Vampires series even though there are around 13 books.

    A lot of the other books on you list are siting on my shelf collecting dust… Ya, that felt like a crime against humanity to type out but sadly I'm addicted to putting books on hold at the library so I read all of those and the books I own just sit on my shelf unloved.

    Katy McGarry is one of the few contemporary authors I actually like, I need to get my hands on a copy of Dare You To.

    Roxy @ Story Envy

  2. I love the whole Morganville collection! Book 14 came out a few months ago, and 15 is out later this year and it's sadly the last :') I really should spend more time looking around the Library, I'm more of a buy-online kind of person, but I'll be taking note and visiting the Library soon. You will love all these books, I'm 100% sure, especially Susane Colasanti's book "Something Like Fate" which was the perfect contemporary novel 🙂