Top Ten Tuesday: New-To-Me Authors I Read In 2013

Top Ten Tuesday is an original feature/weekly meme created at The Broke and the Bookish, where bloggers come up with their top ten list on different subjects every week.

This week we’re talking new-to-me authors that we read in 2013, regardless of whether the author is new to anyone else’s reading history. This is my first TTT in a few months, (since I’ve had a TBR list as tall as me) so I’m excited to go back over my favourites of the year!

1. Amy Plum
I read the whole “Die For Me” series this year and absolutely fell in love with it. Everything from the idyllic Parisian setting to the amazingly crafted plot; I can’t wait to read more from Amy with her dystopian novel “After the End” coming soon.
2. Kasie West
I only read “Pivot Point” recently, but anyone who has will know how amazing it is. It had everything I look for in a novel and more. I have one of Kasie’s other novels, “The Distance Between Us”, so I have high hopes for that and “Split Second”.
3. Holly Black
“The Coldest Girl in Coldtown” was the first dystopian vampire novel I’ve read, and so naturally, I was intrigued all the way through. A seriously incredible novel by an author that crafted a world so unique I was mesmerized by it.

 4. Veronica Roth
“Divergent” is one of my all-time favourite reads, and I can’t believe that I hadn’t read it before this year now that I’ve read all three in the series. The novels kept my attention, my mind in suspense and pulled at my heartstrings (Allegiant, of course). So it’s only natural that Veronica makes this list!
5. Kass Morgan
“The 100” was something that came out of the blue and crept up on me. It was one of the first dystopian novels that I read, along with Divergent, and sparked my new-found love for them ultimately.
6. Susane Colasanti
I just LOVE Susane’s books. Seriously. If you’ve ever read “Something Like Fate” or “Take Me There”, you KNOW what I’m talking about…they’re adorably amazing.

 7. Teresa Mummert
I read “White Trash Beautiful” near the beginning of this year, (which seems like it was only yesterday, but it’s December and almost 2014!) and it is still in my favourites. Adored this one a LOT.
8. Amanda Sun
I reviewed “Ink” a few months ago and even did a Q&A with Amanda. My mind was captured in a world of phenomenal worlds and characters in “Ink”. Just SO good.
9. John Green
There was the book, then the movie…”The Fault in Our Stars” was a favourite for everyone. I read it in June this year, over the summer, and it was so world-changing and breathtakingly beautiful and heartbreaking.
10. Graeme Simsion
“The Rosie Project” was my favourite Adult Book that I’ve read this year, with my main loves being YA novels. Though there was something light and whimsical about it that made it feel like reading a YA or NA novel. 

What are your chosen 10 for Top Ten Tuesday?

Do you agree with mine?

Tell me in the comments or at @LittleMemoirs on twitter! Don’t forget to add your links so I can check them out, too.
happy reading!
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  1. I love Kasie West. I can't believe I forgot to add her to my list! Fail..I really want to read the 'Die for Me' series next year! Great list.

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