Welcome to 2017! (And a new PLM Design)

Welcome to the new and improved Pretty Little Memoirs!

My new design is thanks to the lovely blog designers at Get Polished!  I remember the first time I saw Chelsea and the team’s work and I knew that was the goal I wanted for PLM. Turns out, it was a great fit! I customised a few things like my header and some colours, but other than that, this new clean and beautiful design is thanks to them!

Not much has changed here, but some things have simply moved places. If you can’t find something that you used to like here on PLM, just hit me a message on @LittleMemoirs on twitter and I can help out. 
I want to wish the whole PLM Reader Family a very Happy New Year! I hope you all had the best bookish holiday ever and spent quality time with loved ones. I was a little absent over December as I have the flu and was very, very busy with plans with family but now I’m back and ready to focus on all things bookish. You’ll see a few new things heading your way soon including:
Reviews from major Authors new releases
Blog Tours
and more!

happy reading!

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