What I’m Reading This Spring

Springtime is truly the season of new beginnings. The flowers start to bloom again after a weltering winter and slowly but steadily, my bookshelf has yet again become cluttered with new reads in the BEST possible way. I was a Spring baby, born just in the off middle of April on a Wednesday (full of woe, some might say) and every year, I truly embrace the fresh start of Springtime. So, this year I thought why not make it a BLOG thing? 

So in the name of book blogging, I’ve compiled a list of a few (can you imagine if I listed them ALL?) books I either own, want to read, or am expecting this Spring! Let me know if I’ve missed any of your highly awaited Spring reads – I love to get and give book recommendations! 

I’ve heard nothing but incredible things about Caraval, a novel that seems to be sweeping the YA world like a beautiful storm. I recently bought it (it had one of those hidden hardcover things with a slipcase and hidden indented design that was GORGEOUS) and I posted a very bookstagram style post about it over on instagram. This one is very high on my Spring TBR!

Emery Lord is a shining example of perfection and realistic, powerful storytelling. The Names They Gave Us is my current read and it’s SO GOOD. It deals with friendship, love and loss and so beautifully and carefully. I’m always in awe of her books and if this isn’t on your Spring TBR, you need to add it! 

FLOWER POWER. Okay, but seriously, what better name for a book to read in Spring? I picked this one up last month and then started reading something else but I think I’m ready to delve back into it. It’s a light, YA contemporary with some love and life dilemmas and from the few chapters I read, it was one of those kind of reads that’s fun and momentary with hints of what’s to come buried in the storyline. 

I’m mentally kicking myself that I haven’t started this one yet. I got it for review and I NEED to read it – the cover is calling me to open the pages already! Lisa wrote the inspiring novel The Art Of Being Normal, which unless you’ve been living under a pile of books, was (and still is) a HUGELY successful and amazing story. This book is next on my Spring TBR and I really, really, really can’t wait.

Since this one doesn’t have a cover as of yet available on Goodreads, I’ve inserted the lovely ARC picture that I took on my Instagram page! Show Stopper is set to be a hugely popular YA book set in near-future England where poor people sell their children to the circus! How insane (yet also intriguing) is that?! 

So there you have just a pinch of the titles on my Spring TBR this year! I’ll be keeping my twitter and instagram loaded with my new reads and releases so be sure to stop by my pages if a Bookish Giveaway is your kind of thing? (Hint: watch this space this week!)

happy reading!

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