What to Read this Halloween 🎃

Halloween Season is upon us again. 

It felt like just the other day that I was donning cat ears and whiskers as a little furry kitten for Halloween. This year, I’m deciding to get the help of my Sister and try something a little different. Enter the Corpse Bride idea. Tim Burton films are iconic and except for the task of trying to find a Coraline costume which was my first choice, I settled for the easier Corpse Bride costume. There are plenty of those zombie-esque bride costumes around this year and I managed to find one, get some face make-up and a ghoulish wig to pair it with. 

But that’s just the physical stuff. 

First, you need a killer read to dive into on those dark, Autumn nights by candlelight and eerily carved Pumpkins. Below, I’ve listed my personal favourite dark reads for those stormy or too-quiet nights. Don’t forget to stop by my Instagram page on Halloween weekend and on the day of the Pumpkin for my Halloween look!

The Devil You Know by Trish Doller

I read The Devil You Know this month (review to come!) and let me tell you: it delivers. With an eerie Halloween feel and cover to match the story lived up to the hype. 

Scary? No
Thrilling? Yes
Halloween feel out of 10: 6

The 100 Society by Carla Spradbery

When I read The 100 Society back last year, it was one of the first horror/mystery novels I actually loved. It’ll forever go down as one of my favourite books with a killer storyline. 

Scary? Yes
Thrilling? Yes
Halloween feel out of 10: 8

Feathers and Flames by Simona Pellegrini

Feathers and Flames was a gem of a novel throughout. If you’re more into the myths and legends types of reads this Halloween, this is your go-to for a race against the clock action packed storyline with a dash of romance. 

Scary? No
Thrilling? Yes
Halloween feel out of 10: 5

Don’t Look Back by Jennifer Armentrout

THIS WAS JUST EPIC. There comes a time when the caps locks just aren’t even enough. Jennifer never fails to amaze me with her writing talents and Don’t Look Back was one epic page-turner I won’t forget. 

Scary? No
Thrilling? Yes
Halloween feel out of 10: 7

Pretty Little Liars by Sara Shepard

And finally, onto the most Halloween of them all. Pretty Little Liars just ended filming for the TV show forever (crying a river of tears right now, seriously) and this book that started it all (and the amazing book series that followed) will forever be legendary. 

Scary? Yes (ish)
Thrilling? Yes
Halloween feel out of 10: 9

So those are my Halloween reads! I hope you find at least one that makes you want to curl up with a book this Halloween. 

Let me know what costume you’re wearing this Halloween or what your plans are in the comments! 

happy reading! (BOO)

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