What’s On My Winter 2021 TBR?

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What's On My Winter TBR?

Christmas books, holiday romances & a touch of magic awaits!

Hello again, book lovers! The time has officially come: autumn is drifting to a close and the air is getting suspiciously colder, the sky darkening early enough to feel we’re in a constant state of night time. I might be an autumn lover at heart, but winter still holds a special place in my life. After all, Christmas is the prettiest occasion: lights on the tree, music in the air, hot chocolate every day. And did I mention that it’s the perfect season for reading? (I might say that about all the seasons, though.) Despite it, I’ve compiled a list of what books I’ll be reading this winter season – I hope you enjoy it and find something that you’ll add to your TBR, too! So grab your headphones, tell Siri to play ‘Tis The Damn Season by Taylor Swift and get reading…

10 Blind Dates by Ashley Elston

This beauty has been sitting on my shelf since last year and I still haven’t delved in (for some unknown reason) so I am committed to making 2021 the year I finally read it! Following main character Sophie during Christmas, who gets her heart broken and flees to her grandparents house with her extended family. She soon gets set up on blind dates by her Nonna, and that’s where it gets complicated for her. This read is 100% up my street!

Blame It On The Mistletoe by Beth Garrod

This book only came out seven days ago, so I’m fairly new on the scene for a change! I have read Beth’s books before and I can admit I’m a HUGE fan of her writing style, so I’m eager to read this one. It’s actually on it’s way to me as we speak (shout-out Book Depo!) so I can’t wait to read it – pitched as Tweet Cute meets The Holiday, the latter being my favourite Christmas movie!

In A Holidaze by Christina Lauren

I’ve been seeing Christina Lauren’s books all over TikTok (another thing I got into during the pandemic) and when I saw In A Holidaze on Blackwell’s Books website while in the middle of ordering, I popped it in my basket and it’s sitting right beside me! I can’t wait to read Maelyn’s story, where she gets lost in a time loop whilst struggling to find her true love in what’s been dubbed a swoon-worthy romance, which sounds exactly like what I need right now.

The Ex Hex by Erin Sterling

Another book I’ve seen on social media a ton is this – a rather witchy addition to my Winter TBR. I keep seeing so many amazing thoughts on this book, following wishes, witches and hexes gone wrong, so I’m really hoping I get to read this one while there’s still an autumn vibe in the air.

Together At Midnight by Jennifer Castle

Until a few days ago, I didn’t know this book even existed! I was searching for YA holiday/Christmas books and stumbled across it by total accident, kismet if you will. It’s set in New York City, promising romantic entanglements and random acts of kindness – sounds perfect, right?

The Night When No One Had Sex by Kalena Miller

Out last month, this book definitely gave me Netflix-style vibes. If it were a show, I’d watch it instantly, just like picking it to read. Following main character Julia who’s made a sex-pact with her friends, set in a cabin in the woods without parents, this book promises some surprises, uncertainty and hails chronic illness inclusivity, too. As someone with a chronic illness, I’m always so glad to see us included in books I’d read – this one is a must read!

One Way Or Another by Kara McDowell

Cutest cover alert goes to this book, right off the bat. Secondly, this book follows Paige as she’s presented with two last minute options for her Christmas vacation, but for her personally, she’s got a this huge fear that she’ll make the wrong choices in life. And because of this, before she can crack from pressure, fate steps in and Paige’s life splits into two parallel paths. But before she can get her happy ending, she has to face the truth about her anxiety and desire for perfectionism along the way.

When We Were Them by Laura Taylor Namey

I’ve wanted to read this book for what seems like forever, and it’s finally out in a few days! Following a friendship storyline, Laura’s newest book sounds like everything I need and more. Focusing on Willa, Luz and Britton, who had one of those friendships that were IT. But fast forward years from those days at fifteen, to now on the week of graduation, it’s no longer. All Willa has are the memories from the friendship they shared, longing to have not wrecked it. But as she tries to make her way back to her friends, she has to confront her betrayal and find out who she truly is without them.

Love & Other Train Wrecks by Leah Konen

Another book I hadn’t heard of until a few days ago, this book follows two strangers on a train ride in the middle of a snowstorm. Noah is a hopeless romantic and Ammy doesn’t believe in true love. But after they encounter each other, the Amtrack train suddenly breaking down due to the snowstorm, they begin to take on a whirlwind journey of falling in love through a night of adventure. Sounds idyllic and exactly what I love!

I’m Dreaming Of A Wyatt Christmas by Tiffany Schmidt

This cover, the vibes? YES PLEASE. Following Noelle (huge love for a Christmas themed name for a holiday read) who is known for being a great ballet dancer, plus a beloved babysitter in her small town. We follow her journey through her world colliding with the older half-brother of one of her babysitter charges, Wyatt, who she initially doesn’t get along with (from the looks of it) but they begin to thaw toward one another, bringing in the romance. This one has huge Hallmark Christmas vibes and I am completely here for it.

The Holiday Switch by Tif Marcelo

This one right here is my most anticipated read this Winter! I can’t tell you just how much I want to delve in as soon as it lands on my doorstep later this week! Following a bookish Filipino-American girl that crosses paths with the innkeeper’s nephew at her job at the cozy local inn, with them both hiding secrets, this read promises cute romance, holiday spirit and a little Christmas-switch of sorts!

So, This Is Christmas by Tracy Andreen

I just got this book in the mail yesterday after ordering it (after seeing it once online, impulse-buying anyone?) and I CANNOT wait to start it. It follows a character called Finley who lives in a town called Christmas (yes!!) and once she returns to it whilst on break from boarding school, she hopes to find it the same way she left it, but there are many surprises waiting for her. Her best friend is dating her ex, her parents have split and her arch-nemesis is working at her grandmother’s inn. But the book promises more than surprises, with love, family and friendship on the cards – it’s a huge yes from me!

So that’s my list. It’s a big one (with a lot of reading to do!) but I’m over the moon that I’ve discovered some reads that I didn’t know existed, ones I’ve been waiting for and ones that popped up out of the blue!

Let me know what books are on your Winter TBR in the comments or on twitter, @LittleMemoirs.

happy reading!

Becca x

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