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At some point in your life, you’ve probably written out a card, sent out invitations or planned a party of some kind, either for yourself or someone else. But nowadays, for the modern lifestyle, everything is online. It’s a blessing at the end of our fingertips, just a tap away. I knew you could buy cards online for a few years and I’ve used a few services over the past few months to send birthday cards to friends in various countries across the world without having to go to the Post Office. 

But then I was introduced to Paperless Post. The name was bewildering. Paperless, I thought, surely that doesn’t make sense. How will they get the cards – and what will the quality and options be like? At Paperless Post, sending cards for any event, making invitations to parties or even for your business, is all digital: completely paper free – endless designs, colours, fonts and occasions and can be organised easier than you think. I was asked to test out some of their designs, cards and various and vast services they use and let you all know what I thought! 

Designers are your new (and affordable) best friends

There are many things in life that I get heart-eyes for, and one of them is Kate Spade New York. I have a few Kate Spade items myself and seeing her designs in card format are so gorgeous. Here, there’s a card that I sent to my sister, Sophie. There’s something awe-worthy and beautifully seamless about it. When it came to designing, it was super simple. The designer collection of birthday cards are gorgeous, but they also include more than just birthdays, but branches into events, save the dates and occasions to fit your life!

The attention to detail is incredible

Many of my Pretty Little Memoirs readers will know that Halloween Week of Horrors is a yearly theme on my blog for Halloween; one week of scary reads and awesome giveaways. So, I thought that maybe using the events section and sending out test invites to close friends for my Halloween event could be different to creating something myself. Just see for yourself the eerie and magical holiday cards they have! I am so excited to create more.

The possibilities are endless

When I was designing my Halloween invitation, I was surprised at just how creative you can get! Of course, being a cat lover, I had to pick one with a cute kitten on it! But even the envelopes are customise-able (sometimes for free, or for an extra coin, which I’ll talk about what coins are later). The fonts are quite unique and pretty and below, you can see that you can alter the size, shape, spacing and more as well, to fit your design. I created this particular card on my iPad using the Paperless Post app from the iTunes store, which is free to download. 

I wanted to test out some designs for the upcoming Christmas season, so I chose this gorgeous, chic design by the creator Jessica Hische. You can also buy some of these designs in paper form. Shipping is more expensive if you don’t live within the USA, so digital cards are probably better for those who aren’t looking to splash out too much for a card. This card, for example, starts priced at 2 coins, but additions including the envelope, custom stamps for the front of the envelope, can cost extra coins from 1 to 3 extra. A full list of how much the coins cost can be found here, but I’ll also add a snapshot of the prices below for those interested! 

What can you get for free?

Actually, a whole lot! On my travels through Paperless Post’s website, I found many of the free cards (minus envelopes, which cost, but the card itself is free – so those who don’t want to pay anything can delete the envelope option and pay nothing) and they were just as striking as some of the cards that cost coins. But it is nice to add that extra little touch that costs a coin or two, but you can buy a lot of coins for a small amount of money if you want to save up them for the year. 

Above is one of my favourites I made. I love the option that you can upload an image – and edit it too, plus add a filter. Adding a picture to a card that you can have pictures on doesn’t cost any extra. This combination looks so professional and it’s perfect for sweet sixteens, twenty firsts, or any big birthday celebration where you want to send out invitations to close friends and family! Especially since opening the email, clicking RSVP attend, is as easy as it comes. Anyone could make a masterpiece.  

As you can see, buying coins isn’t as expensive as you would think. Just 20 coins can get you a little stack of cards, or you can splash out and keep a little stash of coins in your account for the year as birthdays and events come up. I think for the quality of the cards, service and design options, the prices are well worth their money. The user interface is such a seamless process, so it’s honestly so much easier than having to go out and buy a card, if you’re in a hurry or someone who likes to keep things digital and save some paper!

I was kindly gifted some coins by Anagram Interactive and Paperless Post to showcase and review their items to you, but you know that I will always 100% be honest with you. You will never see me lie about any book, website or post for anything in the world – honesty is what I’m about, wholeheartedly. 

Overall thoughts

I was unsure what Paperless Post would be about. But now that I know everything there is to know about the site, it’s safe to say I’ll be going back for more! There are so many options for different occasions, and if there’s not the option you want, you can create your own! It’s so awesome. I truly love everything about it and I’m so surprised I haven’t heard of the website sooner! Everything about it is gorgeous. So if you’re the modern kind, or you want to reduce your paper for the environment, or even if you’re running late and forgot a birthday, Paperless Post is your new best friend. The chic and modern take on tradition.

This post was sponsored by Paperless Post.

happy creating!

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